Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Bit of Heaven

Babies are a lot of work. Grandbabies are a lot of fun! Today I worked hard most of the day, but taking care of my Grandman, Jacob, and my Grandlady, Abigail, became a fun grandparenting excursion that I don't think I will ever forget.

As the time drew near for mommy to pick up Jacob, and Daddy to pick up Abigail, I sat them next to one another on the floor in front of me. We love music so I put on Kenny Rogers and the Lettermen and began to sing and interact with each of them. They may be very young but they both love music and enjoy each others' company. Jacob rolled from side to side swinging his legs on top of Abi. She didn't mind. In fact she would smile and reach for Jake touching his hand gently or sometimes grabbing for it! It was playtime!

Jacob began to laugh at me. Maybe I was singing off key, or maybe my hair was just a bit messed up. I don't know, but it sure made him laugh! Maybe he was just having as much fun as I was! I picked him up and sat him on my lap singing to him. He leaned into me laying his head on my breast. We sat there loving each other till the song ended. It was a tender sweet moment between Grandma and Grandman.

When I put Jacob down I saw Abigail look at me as if she were saying, "It's my turn now!" so I picked her up and sat her on my knee singing to her. As if she had learned a lesson from her older cousin, she leaned in to lay her head on my breast giving me a gentle hug. Another sweet and tender moment, this time between Grandma and Grandlady.

Maybe these stories can only be understood through a Grandparents' experience, but I can tell you it is a bit of heaven here on earth to hold your child's child and sense their love. It must have been a bit like that for Jesus when He held the little children in His arms. The love of those children must have reminded Him of the dear sweet tender love that heaven breathes. Jesus brought heaven to us, and the love of the little children assured Him that heaven can also live within us.

Father in heaven, You are the life breath that we need. You are heaven in our hearts. I often close my eyes and imagine laying my head on Your breast like a little child who loves You and needs You so much. Too many times I try to act so grown up. I think I have everything in control. I know I don't when I let myself rest in Your arms. Thank You for being my Daddy. Thank You for breathing Your love into me every time I come to You as a lost and frightened child. Fill me with childlike wonder. Teach me to grow up into being Your child.
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