Monday, January 24, 2011

The Family Church

I love spending time with my family! Yesterday we gathered to celebrate two birthdays. Our daughter, Briget, and our son, Joseph were born seven years and a day apart. We had a fun day with lots of laughs, conversation, good food, and the babies were passed around to lots of loving arms! We finally took a long awaited photo with the entire family. The best word to describe the day is blessed.

I have thought for a long time, that our family is a mini church. We recognize that we each have different gifts and talents. Our function in the family is mostly determined by our gifts, but we also chip in whatever the need. We love, forgive, teach, and serve one another and those outside of our little family church.

Though we are close, our family does not claim exclusive rights with each other. We all go out into the world to make a difference in the lives of those in our little communities. We pray that friends and acquaintances see a difference in us because of Jesus.

Our little family church celebrates holidays, and milestones with prayer, communion, and fellowship. Jesus is our foundation and our center. He is praised and called on in prayer when someone is in need.

We have many stories we could tell about baptisms, The Big Give, weddings, and memorial services and others. We have fed the poor, and visited the prisoner. Needs that touch one heart are cared about by all. The family church grows strong roots and reaches outward as well.

It is right for Christian parents to bring their families to church. It is also right for the church to be formed in the family. The Kingdom of God is here. Our families submitted to Christ as the head become a church in our neighborhoods. We grow, and send forth the next generations into new neighborhoods.

Lord God, You are the Father of the Family of God. Jesus, You hold the church together and You blessed us with families to help us grow and flourish. Our families don't always live life in harmony. We hurt one another or forget to offer the same grace You have given us. Forgive us, and help us to turn our hearts back to the generations with which we share the name family. Thank You that when two or more gather in YOUR NAME You are there! As for our family, we will serve the Lord.
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