Thursday, January 6, 2011


I wish I was...... There are many times I make that statement. I wish I was thinner, prettier, more organized, less messy, etc. etc. When I wish for a change in me I feel guilty for not being better. I can change. I've proved it in the past. Some things, however, still elude my self-discipline and so I go on wishing and feeling guilty for not being as good as someone else.

One of the calendars I bought this year is filled with beautiful photos of nature and thought provoking quotes by Roy Lessin. I am not too familiar with Mr. Lessin or his work so I spent some time going through the calendar pages and reading his quotes. One caught my eye. "Just think, He compares you to no one else."

I have been thinking on this and came to the truth that God does not compare me to other people, but He does compare me to His Son. If Jesus had not paid the price for my sin and stood in my place, God would have to compare my life to His Sons' life and I would fail miserably. However, God makes it clear that He does not want me to be judged without His Sons' covering. He made the comparison ages ago. Jesus stood in front of me, and all those who trust Him, and told The Righteous Judge that we are hidden in Him. No comparison need to be made because of Jesus' grace.

The quotation does tell the truth when it claims that God does not compare us with each other. When I think of this I get a thrill of joy inside. It is a relief to think that I stand before God alone, not with those who out shine me in so many ways! Well, I stand with Jesus, who out shines us all but makes me shine too!

Jesus, Perfect Son of God, You outshine us all and no one compares to You! Thank You for giving me the freedom to be myself. Thank You for doing a good work in me that will bring the changes needed to be more like You. Thank You that You never give up even when I miss the mark completely. Lead me, Lord. Change my wicked ways and purify my thoughts. Help me to leave the comparisons behind so that I might be more like You!
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