Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is That an Echo?

Since my Daughter, Son-in-law and the Grandladies moved out I have been hearing strange noises in the house. The quiet has been just slightly unnerving.

There are times after the babies go home and before Patrick arrives that I "hear" babies or the older Grandladies talking in the back bedroom. I know no one is there, but I look anyway. Could it be an echo of what used to be there? I hear allot of the house noises now too. The silence has magnified the whirs and clicks of the fridge and sometimes the buzz of a light bulb. I hear the neighbors working in their yards or leaving their homes in their cars. My breathing and other body noises are also hearable! In the cavern of our open spaces am I hearing echoes reverberating on and on? Even with all these new noises I still like the quiet!

I find that sometimes I need total silence to hear my thoughts and Gods' voice. When I turn off the noise of the world, God's whispers are clearly heard. When I shut my self away into a quiet place I find sorting through thoughts, prayer and even praise is easier and truthfully I feel more alive! I imagine that is what Jesus needed as well. He took time to get away from the crowds and find a spot where He could be alone with His Father. He now calls to us through the prodding of the Holy Spirit to come away with Him. He desires to love us through His word. He wants to have time with us alone!

Loving God, Lover of my soul, You created sound. You made the sounds ebb and flow like the sea. Even in music there is rest, times of silence so that our ears can hear the notes more clearly. You are an awesome God! Thank You for sound and the silence, too. I need to hear You and i need the love You bring.
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