Friday, January 14, 2011

Teacher Appreciation

My husband is a teacher. He only began his teaching career recently. Though he has not been doing this long, he is one of the best teachers, not only because of students' scores, but because of his efforts.

Patrick works an average of 12 hours a day during the school year. He even works at home grading papers and planning. He is the tennis coach and may help with softball this spring. Like most teachers he has the students interests and best in the forefront of his mind. He looks for ways to motivate his middle school students to learn math. Not an easy task. He carries with him extra money to supply kids who forgot their lunch or do not have money to buy lunch. He is a disciplinarian, diplomat, manager, friend, as well as teacher. His reward is not monetary since his profession demands much but pays the minimum. He works hard and deserves his vacation, but needs to work his fireworks tents because we need the extra money.

These days, teachers are blamed if students don't learn. They are hard pressed to do more and more paperwork that takes them away from the task of teaching. Teachers don't love their job because of the pay, time away from family, or acknowledgment of their work. Good teachers love their job because God made them to teach. It is who they are and they love their students. Love motivates and sustains them when students rebel against their efforts.

Teachers should not be held responsible for all the problems in schools. Education demands a cooperative effort. Teacher, student, administrators and parents all have a vital part in helping a student succeed.

Jesus is our teacher. He should not be blamed for the lack of spiritual growth among His people. It takes a cooperative effort to help us grow closer to God and live an honorable life. We must cooperate with Jesus our teacher, the church which administrates and our fellow members in the Body of Christ. Learning to be like Christ takes time and the lessons are daily challenges. God sent a teacher and wants us to know that two are better than going at it alone. Three is even better!

Are we allowing others into our lives to help us grow? Do we have a teachable spirit? Are we blaming God for our rebellion to His teachings?

Rabbi Jesus, You are the one who offers us visual aids in creation and in Your life here on earth. You give us Your word and so many other tools with which we can learn about You and how to live rightly. Thank You for forgiving us in our rebellion to Your plan. Thank You for leading us gently and sometimes with extra discipline so that we can be more like You. Speak to us today Lord. We are ready to listen!
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