Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

What will the new year have in store for me? Looking into the future is difficult. I cannot see into the next hour let alone days, months, or years. I can plan my next step, but I can never be certain of what that step will be like or where it will take me. New Years Day I look into a fog-filled future and dream of what might be.

From the present I can make goals. What do I want to take into my new year? What do I want to leave behind when I turn around a find the year left behind in my past? What footprints and fingerprints will I leave as I go about my daily life?

I like watching some of the crime dramas on tv. From the scene of the crime they seem to be able to witness the past by the footprints and fingerprints left behind. I do not want my year to be a crime scene, but rather a blessing leaving behind invisible traces of my life.

Holy Lord God, You are the light that shines on the path of my every day! You set before me choices of life and death. I want to choose life, but so often I trip into a hole that would bring me to my knees in weeping. I need You to lift me up and set me back on the path where our footprints and fingerprints will be side by side. Thank You for letting me join You in the work You are doing here in my home, neighborhood and country. Let my steps be bold and sure, carefully chosen in following You!
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