Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ouch! Starting back into an exercise routine is hard and the muscles aches don't help much for keeping on track. I am learning that exercise is not just a body workout. My brain gets a workout too!

Getting started means I have to get my brain to say "Yes" to the workout. In order for that to happen it needs to jump over the hurdles of comfort, sweat, and those pesky aches. In the middle of the workout my thoughts may be telling me to give up. Most often they have an argument among themselves and the video personal trainer. Like a bouncing ball I jump through the list of hang in there cheers, prayers for it to go by quickly, and I hate the sweat in my eyes growls. After the cool down and stretch I again call on my mental faculties to remind me that this is good for me and I can do it all again tomorrow.

The workouts are changing my thinking and my body. I wonder if spiritual exercises do the same. The spiritual exercises of prayer, fellowship and scripture study (among others) change my thinking and can change my spirit. My body exercise may not turn me into a super model, but God has promised that I will grow more like His Son, Jesus, if I exercise my spirit. I guess my brain needs the most change since it needs to be exercised along with my body and my spirit!

Holy Spirit, You are alive and living in me! You have made me Your temple. I have not always cared for it as I should. Forgive me. Thank You for making a way for my mind to be renewed. Thank You for the promise that I can have the mind of Christ. Help me to exercise my thoughts to be like your thoughts. Give me strength of purpose and keep me moving so that I can do Your will.
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