Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Finances

Last Sunday our church air conditioning wasn't working well. My husband and i walked into the sanctuary and saw hundreds of bulletins waving in the air. As we entered a row of seats we greeted those seated behind us. I mentioned that I saw we had a new air conditioning system, while motioning to their waving papers. They agreed. I then turned my attention to one friend who sat quietly and I said that if it was to work we all needed to do our part. He laughed but continued to sit without helping to fan the air. Later in the service the air kicked in and the rustle of fans died down. Everyone was blessed.

It isn't just in the fanning of the air that we need to all do our part. Money has many issues that can be similar or unique to each individual. A family must unite to provide the necessities even if they struggle to unite on differing issues. The same is true for the Family of God.

Summer time is notorious for the church to struggle in finances because of the lack of giving. Members vacation and have many activities that take priority over the needs of the church. It isn't right.

Over the years I have heard many sermons on tithing and a general theme is that we must "Pay God back" for all He gives us. Can we really pay God back? Obviously the answer is no. I ask myself, "Why try?" I think that the truth of not being able to give back to God should lead us to look for the real reason we should pay our tithes with a joyful heart. The reason I offer is that we are a family.

Our church family must come together in unity to provide for the necessities of promoting the gospel. The Family has many parts that struggle with different issues but as a family we are obligated to work together. In doing our part, whether little or big, we draw closer to one another and find joy in our relationship to god and the Body of Christ with which we are connected.

The question is, am I doing my part? Am I dealing with my individual issues so that I can be part of the provision for the family?

Provider God, You are the Greatest of Givers. You give abundantly and without needing it to be returned! I have struggled so often with money issues and failed to trust You in providing all I need. forgive me! Thank You for drawing us together into a family where we can work together to be Your body to a needy world. Continue to open my eyes to how You desire us to give and do our part. Fill us with the joy of giving! You are our example!
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