Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garden of Eden

The presence of God makes any place heaven. If this is true then Adam and Eve lived in heaven, in the presence of God, before they were removed from the Garden of Eden because of their sin.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam could experience God in all of creation. It must have been an incredible place of beauty and holiness! It was also a place in which Adam was free. He was free to choose. That is a mystery of heaven. Choice is still available to us. Its goodness and holiness is ours to enjoy or to reject.

Would I reject heaven? Adam did. Angels rejected heaven too. The truth is: there is no heaven without choice. God is everywhere, but if we so choose, He will allow us to live without Him. That would certainly be a sad choice.

Lord God of Heaven and earth, Your presence is the ultimate choice! You are worth the price of my losing all that is removed from You. Sadly I have chosen wrongly many times. I thank You for taking those wrong choices and removing them through the awful sacrifice of Your Son's crucifixion. Lead me to make the right choices, Lord. Lead me into Your presence. Let heaven dwell within me.
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