Friday, July 23, 2010

House Hunting

Today we began house hunting. It was fun, a little exciting, and yes, even a bit scary. Out of three houses, we liked one the best. I could see myself living there, and almost immediately, I began making plans as to where I could put my stuff. You may think I am ready to move....but wait. There are other things that must fall into place before we sign a contract. It is those things that are a bit nerve jostling and uncertain.

My Christian walk is somewhat like house hunting. I am looking for "...the city whose founder and builder is God." Hebs. 11:10. It is fun and exciting to catch glimpses of my heavenly home in scripture or sometimes even in the exquisite beauty of nature. It is also a bit overwhelming. I long to be there, and yet, I am not ready to be there. I have much to do before I enter my heavenly home and begin to explore the city of God.

For now, I'll settle for the wonderful adventure of house hunting here on earth. I know God's presence is with me. He will guide and lead me to the place where I can call home for just a little while. (P.S. I am following the lead of my Pastor John in saying that home for me is wherever my husband Patrick is and where God has lead us.)

Father, You are where I want to be. You are the presence in whom I long to dwell. My home here on earth pales to Your Glory. Thank You for giving Patrick and I the chance to explore new places. Thank You for leading us on a new adventure! Help us to hear Your voice and to be wise. Teach us to wait on You so that You will be glorified in the provision You give us! We trust You!
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