Friday, July 23, 2010


I have a long list of things needing to get done. As I cross off one it seems that two or three more show up! I like my lists. I like knowing what I need to do and what I've finished. They are a visual reminder that I am moving toward my goals.

Lists are not always complete. There are always surprises that come into my day that were not on any paper, or even in my thoughts! Sometimes those little surprises are from God, but they can also be from the enemy who would keep me from the tasks God has already given me. It is also true that some things I have put on my list are not things I should be spending my time doing. They may not be wrong, but they keep me from my purpose.

I find that I like lists for my Christian walk too. I want a list of dos and don'ts. I want to check up on what is right and wrong. Though I may like the Christian to-do list, I know that a relationship cannot be put on a list. If I put my marriage relationship on a list it might look like this:

1. Give Patrick a kiss upon waking up.
2. Make Patrick breakfast before he goes off to work.(He wouldn't eat it though)
3. Wash his clothes
4. Make his dinner
5. Smile when he comes in the door.
6. Give him time to unwind before sharing my day.
7. Snuggle with him on the couch watching the sports channel.
8. Kiss him goodnight.

Yes, it could be a lot longer and more detailed and include much more. I DON'T follow a list with my husband. I would become like a Stepford wife, or a robot wife. Relationships cannot be put into lists. The same is for my relationship with God.

In relationship we may share our lists of likes and dislikes, but then it is love that draws us to make life lovely for the one we love by surprising them with their list being fulfilled. God does that for me! He often surprises me with something wonderful that is on my "I like that" list. Butterflies, sunsets brilliant with color, stars and moon light nights, new babies, friends and the love of a godly man. God loves me by giving even more than that which is on my list. He gave His Son! He knows me. He speaks to me. He disciplines me. No list can contain His love. I want to have love that cannot be contained on a list. How about you?

Lord God, Lover of my soul, You are beyond everything I could ever ask or dream! You gave us Your list of don'ts only to show us that we need You in our lives. You give us Yourself, and in that relationship You make the list disappear. I now only have love , not a list to look at. Thank You for loving me beyond the beyond! I give my love to You too!
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