Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Standing Watch Continued

Yesterday I told you about my friend who is taking his last steps here on earth and slowly drawing near to his eternal reward. I spoke yesterday about us standing watch while he travels his journey. I also mentioned that God understands because He stood watch as His Son, Jesus, took the journey. Today I am contemplating another aspect: Was there anyone else who stood watch for Jesus?

The answer is "Yes." There were many who stood watch while Jesus died. Scripture tells us there were people all around, but not all stood watch. Most of the people around the cross were there to mock or do their duty, making certain He died, that the order of execution was complete. Some were just passing by. There was also John, near Jesus' Mother, and other women who had followed Him and ministered to Him. Those were there to stand watch.

I've been asking myself what it means to stand watch. What is the purpose if we cannot change the course of matters? Is it for the dying or is it for the living who are being left behind? For me I think I must stand watch for both.

I stand watch in prayer for the one making the journey. He, like we all, need to know we have been loved. He needs to know he will be remembered. We all want that. We all want our lives to matter to others. Standing watch says, "Yes, you do matter to me!"

I stand in watch for those who are closest to the sojourner. Their loneliness is greatest as they watch their loved ones depart. They need the warmth of friends to stand nearby and to offer comfort. They also need to know their loved one was loved and will be remembered by others.

It takes courage, faith, hope, and great love to stand watch.

Father, Again I come to tell You that You are more than enough for us at times like these. You are our strength and hope. We can never fill all that our loved ones need at this time. Thank You for caring, understanding, and loving us through it all. Be with Will as he lets go of this world and all he loves in it. Be with Carol as she lets go of Will and all she loves about having him here with her! We trust You in all things.
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