Thursday, July 15, 2010

Small Package

Today my #2 Grandman was welcomed into the family He arrived in a 6lb. 11oz. package about 19.75 inches in length. The package was decorated with lovely red hair , blue eyes and a sweet little mouth that seemed to move in all directions making funny faces. I sat amazed at that tiny little present sent from heaven.

It may be awhile before we get to know the gift inside our little package. The outside will grow and we will be delighted in the new things this little man will teach us. We will see the world through new eyes and discover the unique value of the gift inside the body that holds the personhood of Jacob Ronan Scully. In all this discovery I pray one prayer: Jacob, may you live a long life. May you come to know Jesus early in life and walk closely with Him all of your days!

Father, You are an amazing Creator and Giver of ALL Good gifts. Thank You for the gift of Jacob! Thank You for the beautiful and special way You packaged Him! We are delighted! We praise You for Your works are wonderful and amazing and great!
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