Friday, July 30, 2010

Fading Dreams

I am a dreamer. My dreams are vivid and complicated. I love my dreams even if they are intense, or scary. God visits my dreams in subtle ways. The visions I see in my dreams bring to mind scriptures and that is how God speaks to me in my dreams. I seldom lose my dreams. The pictures usually remain sharp in my mind, but there are those few times when they are like vapor, dissolving in air before I can grasp their fullness. Losing my dream makes me feel frustrated. It is those lost dreams I hope I can revisit when I lay down again. They rarely come back though, and knowing that makes me sad. My heart misses the dream and longs for the message I sense was lost.

I am also a day dreamer. My mind wanders off with hope and faith by my side. I love my day dreams also. They do not always stick around for long, but they are always something to enjoy, hope for, and even talk over with my Heavenly Father. When day dreams fade I feel a deeper sense of loss. Maybe it is because my hope is greater that these dreams could be real. Whatever the reason, the fading of dreams will always draw me closer to my Father who has placed the desires and dreams in my heart.

Father, You are the author of my dreams. You are my hope. I love the hymn that says "Be Thou my vision....." I pray that today. I need You to be my vision, my hope, and my dreams.
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