Saturday, July 24, 2010


A few years ago I was a substitute at a local high school. It was a tough job. Substitutes are handicapped. They do not know all the rules and the students take advantage whenever they are able. Subs are not seen as knowledgeable by some of the other teachers. Taking the place of someone else is uncomfortable.

Today I revisited that old job in a different setting. I substituted for a friend. She is beginning a new ministry and had set up a meeting. She had a very good reason for needing me to stand in for her today and I was glad to help, but it was a bit scary to be put into her place. Even though I have good knowledge of what she intends for her ministry, I do not have the deep passion that is in her heart. I think the attendees knew.

The meeting was not a disaster, however, and God showed up making the time a treasure. As always, God makes His substitute the right choice for the time. The ram caught in the bushes for Abraham's sacrifice, as well as Jesus, Gods' choice for us on the cross, were perfect substitutes. No, I didn't feel as if I was a sacrificial offering. I simply know that my time spent in my friends' shoes was right and ordained by God. Gods' entrance into any situation is a miracle substitution. There is no disappointment in Gods' choices.

The question I ask today is: Have you allowed God to choose a substitute for you? Is Jesus your stand in at the cross? Or have you substituted some other person or thing to take care of your need for salvation?

Father, You gave Yourself to the world in exchange for a way of salvation for those who would receive. Thank You for being the substitute for my sin. Thank You for being the best choice. Let me never forget Your sacrifice.
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