Monday, July 12, 2010

Mud Wrestling

Have you ever been in an argument that you knew no one would win? I have, many times. It is a lot like mud wrestling. Everyone gets dirty. No one can get a good grip of the situation. No one comes out on top.

How many times do we enter the mud pit thinking we are right and leave wondering if we were right at all? Is it possible to stop ourselves at the edge of the mud hole before we step into things that will end up pretty ugly?

In my experience feelings are what leads us into a mud wrestling match. We become confused by our anger, humiliation, fear or other defensive emotion. We walk into the slime and find ourselves sliding down hill into the muck and mire of self defeating arguments.

If only we would take our cues from the pure and Holy Spirit who would guide us wisely.

Holy God, Your Spirit cries out for us to seek wisdom, and yet we so easily walk into the mud and muck that will cover us with the yuck of this world. When we fail to follow Your lead we lose sight of the truth that is pure , strong and free of all the messes we make. Forgive us for wallowing in the mud before we seek You. Show us the way out, and wash us clean from the filth with which we have covered ourselves. Thank You for being our Savior, Lord and Guide.
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