Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Chain of Connectivity.

Why would my words matter? What can I possibly say that has not already been said, thought or written? What purpose is there in expressing my thoughts to you, who may have already thought the same?

It is complicated. Human beings are complex. We think, forget, remember, and forget again. We find enjoyment in thoughts expressed in new and unique ways. There is power in words. They evoke emotions. Some words can even be a tangible connection between people. Words can wrap themselves around us with cords of bondage. They can also set us free with keen insights into our souls. They build and they destroy.

So why are my words important? Why are your words important to me? They are the links in the chain of connectivity. We need words to belong, to connect, to understand, to know, to believe.

Words, no matter how many times repeated, are life lines to our relationships. Silence is the killer. Silence separates and divides. Silence leaves me listening to my own words--lonely words.
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