Saturday, August 9, 2008


If you did not have the ability to hear, what sound would you miss the most? My cousins' granddaughter will soon undergo her second cochlear implant. We are praying that Anna will not only find that sound is a necessary part of life but also a rich blessing!

As I've prayed for her, I've given the matter some thought. Here are some things I would miss not being able to hear: a baby's giggle, the soothing sounds of a stream running over the rocks, the "I love you" and "I miss you," of a dear ones voice, music that excites or calms the soul, my dear husband snoring beside me because he is there, the retelling of tales from family and friends, birds greeting me at the dawn of a new day, the sound of my own voice, poetry, words of comfort, hope and forgiveness, the wisdom of God's word preached to bring me faith.

I am certain there would be much more to miss. There is so much I fail to recognize as part of the joy in hearing.

Anna, I pray that you will not only hear the sounds around you but that you will hear God's voice calling you into faith and truth. May Your faith come by hearing the Word of God!
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