Sunday, August 3, 2008

Relationship Road

Taking a new step in a relationship is scary and risky. Even when the relationship has traveled many years together, the road can become quite bumpy and hazardous. When new events, circumstances, people and feelings enter, changes need to be made by both parties. If one turns onto another road the other must choose to go or the relationship fails.

But sometimes it is so hard to follow down the new path. Sometimes the unfamiliar makes one slow down while the other races ahead in the adventure. It takes patience, work, determination and persistence in coming alongside each other and navigating the terrain together.

God knows how it is done because Jesus came to help us navigate the road of relationship with God. He can help us when the driving gets rough and we seem to be lost on a pot holed road of sin and selfishness. He is the oasis ahead. He shines the neon lights to guide us to the place where we can find a map and a guide.

Don't wait till it gets too tough! Pull over and ask for the help you need. He is waiting to help!
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