Monday, August 25, 2008


What makes you laugh? Maybe you enjoy a little twist of words, like I do. I like watching Jay Leno's Headlines. I enjoy the little things children say that are turned around or words used in the wrong way. I like the funny way we people can blurt out something. As it tumbles along it gathers a giggle, then a heehaw, and rolls on into a big belly laugh!

The funny thing about me is that I take my words seriously and try not to make those silly and enjoyable blunders! I know that God's word is serious too, but even He likes to turn a phrase in an unusual way.He sprinkles His story with little tickles that lighten our lives and bring us a bit of fun!

We have an incredible God that knows us so well! He is aware that living can be really stressful and serious and we need relief. A smile, giggle, tickle, and laughter help us see the light in the darkness. I think He laughs with us, too.

Here are my "paragrafts" Brooke! They were fun to write!

Yes, Lord, I laughed today! Thanks for giving me the ability to laugh! It makes me feel better!
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