Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's in a Name?

I dislike hearing so many people using Gods' name so flippantly! The favorite phrase of young people today is "Oh my g--!" It is a sad commentary on the lack of vocabulary and the lack of concern over using the name of the Lord in such a useless way.

I spoke to a 5 year old girl yesterday about her using that phrase in my home. When she asked me what else she could say I told her she could say, "How wonderful!" "That is interesting." "What a surprise!" There are so many other words we could use to show our feelings about what is said or what has happened. I hope she will think about it and give it a try.

Why would it even matter? Well, in my estimation using Gods' name in a common place or vulgar manner diminishes His character and reputation. I certainly would not use my husbands name in that way, nor would I want to hear my name used without respect and honor. God, Himself deserves honor and respect if only that He is greater than we. Thus His name reflects His power, wisdom, character and so much more. Being His creation I, too, am diminished when He is brought low and His name is abased.

If those who ignorantly use Gods' name would only look for a much more appropriate word, they would soon be seen as intelligent and a much more interesting person. They could then use Gods name to call on Him in praise and supplication.

Let's start a movement of intelligent people who refuse to follow the crowd. Let's lift ourselves up and place God above us in our words. Lets' think up new words to express ourselves and leave Gods' name to the important conversations we must have with Him daily.
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