Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Life is like a maze, or maybe it is more like an obstacle course. Every day there are things that get in our way. We need to go around, over, through or under, but doing so is hard work and sometimes the tasks seem insurmountable! Projects just can't seem to come together, the weather or mechanical items don't cooperate with your plan, someone says something that stops you in your tracks..

Of course there are days when life is like jogging through the park. There is pretty scenery, and the obstacles are minor. The path may wind around the big obstacles, but the cracks in the sidewalk need to be carefully maneuvered or an ankle can be turned and down you go.

Whatever kind of day we may have there is always a silver lining: a lesson learned, a joy experienced. Being thankful for everything is not easy either but it sure makes the days full of sunshine and not rain.
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