Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jesus the Politician

After listening to some of the speeches from the Democratic Convention, I began to wonder what Jesus thought of all this politics. He probably thinks it is simply a war of words (which it is), but then I thought about His "Politics."

You say "What? Jesus was in politics?" Well, yes, but not the politics we have come to be acquainted with here in the U.S. and across the globe. Jesus came to earth to campaign for our souls, not votes. Votes only pay lip service to this nominee. When we offer our souls to Him as our candidate we make a commitment that is eternal and offer a complete relinquishment of our lives.

Jesus made promises (that He will keep) and talked about issues of our hearts. He lived His life as a leader, showing us the way to live and the way back to our Heavenly Father. Yes, He was more teacher than politician, but He was and still is fighting for our souls against an opponent that will gladly take the souls and use them for his purposes.

Jesus, the politician, has my soul and my vote! How about you?
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