Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Overcoming the Enemy

Human beings are vulnerable to many enemies. Most are hidden until the last moment when we are surprsed to find that we have been attacked. Sickness, natural disasters, and even evil men who lie in wait to afflict their damage. We also have a spiritual enemy that lies in wait to destroy us.

There are times we are alerted to the threats of our enemies. Our response should be made with wisdom. There are times when one enemy will take advantage of another enemies threats and ambush us. But with all of this we do have a safe refuge. We have a strong tower. We have access to a greater wisdom than our own.

The All-powerful Creator and Defender is ready and very willing to help us overcome, get through or walk amid the flames of trials without being harmed. Loss cannot take away His love. Pain cannot take away His kindness and Goodness. He is strong, good, and His love knows no limit. He is Wise and He gives His wisdom to all.

I know that I can be filled and satisfied even in the middle of a storm, or after a horrendous loss. I know He hears me and responds with wisdom and grace and hope. I have nothing to fear of the threats against my body, mind or spirit. He is always with me and He will always make the good to triumph in my life!

If you know His name but do not know Him, you need only call out. He will hear. He will answer. He loves you!
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