Friday, August 8, 2008

Moms' Birthday

Celebrating my Moms' life is not easy living 3000 miles away from her. Like all of us she likes attention. Is a card and a phone call enough? She wants her children to not only think about her but take time to focus our attention on her. She doesn't ask for much.

I remember lots of attention that Mom showered on me. Even with seven of us under foot she made time to let me know I was loved.

Loving her now seems easy enough. She asks for only a minute or two, or maybe longer. Someday those minutes will go by way too soon. Those who love her will grasp for her last minutes and try to desperately hang on as she takes the steps toward her eternal minutes.

Those thoughts are enough to take the time, spend the minutes, pay attention, enjoy the moments. As all Moms' know, those precious minutes go by way too fast!
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