Friday, August 29, 2008

Who will Reign?

I do not want to be political but I am. I do not want to get involved in political discussions, but I must. I am political because I am a voter. I am involved because I care deeply about the people that sit in the seat of power and have in their hands the pens that will become law and be the guide for the present and the future. For this reason I must not remain silent.

Our choices are between imperfect men and women. We cannot expect them to be perfect, nor can we expect them to be totally in agreement with our views. We will not know all that we need to know about each candidate, because we can only see what is presented before us in planned appearances, and we do not know the future. Our choices, therefore, must be made with a higher wisdom. Yes, we may need to choose an imperfect candidate that does not reflect our point of view and that we know little about only because we side closer to him/her than we do with the other. But, is this really the wisdom from on high or is it our fear of being placed under the rule of those with which we do not agree?

I am struggling with these points. I do not know how I will vote come election day. I know only that my choices are narrowed. My soul desire is to vote in agreement with the Sovereign God who rules over all men! I choose to place His choice in the seat of power. I want the man He sees perfectly but still trusts with this position for His purposes.

I am reminded that the children of Isreal cried out for a king, and though God was their king, He allowed them to have their way. I am reminded that David was imperfect before God and man, but he also was "A man after God's heart."

So what leader do we deserve? What leader will lead us closer to God? What leader will submit his will to the will of the Father? The answer will ultimately be determined by God's choice. I believe, He alone will allow us our choice and teach us through that choice, whatever the consequences may be.

Till election day I will be in prayer for our country and our fellow citizens. I will pray that I vote in wisdom. I will intercede for the candidates and the people. I will pray that a cry of revival will be heard calling out for the ONE TRUE KING to reign in our hearts.

Reign in my heart, O God! Reign in me so that I need no other to reign over me!
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