Monday, August 11, 2008

Daydreams and Goals

In school I used to do alot of daydreaming. It wasn't that I was not interested in school, but that I caught the string of a thought flying like a kite out the window and ran with it. I would explore the thought to the other side of the world mesmerized with the wonder of it all. Sometimes I would be caught and turned back to the task at hand, my kite spiraling down to the ground. Of course I seldom fully learned the lessons taught and so I came up short with grades.

I still daydream. I love to wander down paths lined with beautiful intriguing thoughts. While there, I enjoy conversations with God. It is a delightful past time, but does not lend itself to the accomplishment of my goals.

So, it seems I will need to rein in my kites and set up some fences where my goals and kites can live together in harmony, kites flying in the direction and for the purpose of accomplishing my goal. May the wind of the Holy Spirit blow life and purpose into both!
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