Thursday, July 31, 2008


Being a woman, I find that communication has many levels. Words, tone, gestures, body language, inferences as well as history, and past discussions that all come together to mean something. Well, maybe only to me. Especially when I am talking to a man!

Men (at least the men I know) don't allow themselves to hear more than the words, unless it makes sense for them to do so. I find it hard to communicate what I really want to say without all the nuances. With all that in mind, I question if there is any real communication that happens between the sexes.

In order for my man to understand I must explain myself. Even a short lesson in explaining the history or what was said previously between us can make our conversations long and drawn out. And yet, I talk too much.

Communication is a two way street that women must pave and build road signs in order for the men in their lives to follow. Without us, men would sit on the side of the road and never move towards understanding. It would be so nice to work together.

I am sure God made women to desire the exchange of meaningful words. I just wish he would have sent along an instruction book on how to make communication work with men!
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