Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation part 2

We were delighted by some beautiful experiences on our trip to Colorado. Flying above the clouds and seeing the earth from up high is always amazing, but even more were the surprises God placed before us on the ground.

Our first surprise was an empty lot that had a colony of Prairie Dogs! This was in the middle of town! We also saw a fox and a rabbit passing through the housing development where my brother-in-law lives. The mountains were hidden by haze most of the time, but we enjoyed seeing them up close near the end of our trip. They truly are majestic! At the Cave of the Winds we were pleased to experience the inside of a mountain. The formations are intriguing.

We enjoyed the architecture of little houses on the prairie and the expansive mansions (to us) of the well to do. Comfort met us in both. Gods' personal beauty was reflected in each face of our loved ones! He is such an amazing Creator!

All of the beauty seemed to be lavished on the earth as landscapes, portraits, nature, and still lifes that were painted for our enjoyment. I returned home to be even more amazed at my everyday surroundings. There is beauty in every corner of the earth. May our Creator be praised for His magnificent glory!
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