Thursday, July 24, 2008


Frustrate means to break or interrupt. It is an apt description of how I have felt for the last few days. My plans are being thwarted by seemingly small and insignificant things and circumstances (computer glitches, my rush jobs becoming a mess and needing to be done over and over, etc.)

I guess I could say that my planned path has met a brick wall! It is frustrating and sometimes I allow myself to become angry. Now that I stop to think things over, I wonder what I can do with the brick wall that I am facing.

Can I beat it down with persistence and force? Is it possible to scale the wall and get past it by "rising above" or ignoring the problem? Then there is the thought that I should go in another direction. Which way should I go when I was so very sure that I was headed in the right direction? Could God be directing me to see a new path or a more satisfactory one?

I do not have the answers yet. The only way to really know the truth and break free is to pray and seek the One who sees all, El Roi.

El Roi, I desire to see what You see in this situation. Open my eyes, Lord!
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