Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Samaritan

Have you ever been a good Samaritan? Have you really gone out of your way to help someone who was in need? Given them access to your resources? Checked up on their progress days,weeks, or months later?

In my life I can truly say that I have stopped and helped quite a few people. I just can't say that strangers have been given the special treatment that family gets when they are in need. When I have not followed through, have I missed a divine moment? A divine moment is when God intervenes in our lives and changes the person I help AND changes me? When I do good deeds I am changed. I step outside of the box filled with my selfish desires and begin to experience the freedom of living in God and through Him if only for a brief moment.

The wonderful invitation that God gives is that I am offered a choice. I can remain outside of the selfish box where dreams are stifled and life becomes a living death, or close myself up into the coffin of ego driven thoughts. Seems like an easy choice, but so often I find the comfortable place is hard to resist. It is not always convenient to be a Good Samaritan and go the distance.

With God's help, I will choose freedom in Christ! I am certain that the more often I choose Him the more I'll want to stay! Come join me in the adventure!
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