Monday, July 7, 2008


I am begining to pack for a ten day vacation. I want to carry a light load, but I don't want to forget anything I will really need. I am planning my clothing carefully, but when it comes to my books I know I can be a little heavy in that department.

I have a book I am reading and must decide if I will finish before the ten days and need the second in the trilogy. I think I'll read slow. I must take my bible. I thrive on Gods' word. Then there is my study book and journal. Gee, I'd love to take them so I can move along with my plan. Okay, so that makes four books, all of which are medium in size. Maybe I'll skimp on the shoes!

Packing is a bit like choosing three things you can have on a deserted island. You can't carry everything, but there are things you really need. What will I REALLY use on my trip? I guess I need clothes, books and my vitamins!

Makes me think about what I carry along on my spiritual journey. I carry Gods' word but I also tote along some unnecessary baggage! I think I'll try to do some unpacking before moving forward in my day. What are you needing to unpack? Jesus told us that His burden is light! I want to take a trip with Him and let Him show me what I really need on my trip to heaven!
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