Saturday, July 5, 2008


I took a tumble off the back end of a moving van today. It was something I would have rather not done, but I did, and now I am very sore. I expect to end up with a couple of black and blue temporary tattoos from the experience.

It happened as a result of a simple miscalculation. My husband and I were unloading my sons equipment that he lent us for our fireworks tent. I was moving items in the truck and my husband was carrying them to their shed. My sons ladder was leaning against the back of the truck on the side that had the shortest drop from the step to the ground. Being a short woman, my intention was to hold the ladder out and step down at that shorter step. Unfortunately for me I miscalculated, and as I reached my foot down I found air not ground. Thus I became off balance and the ladder started to fall. I let go of the ladder, but my body also continued in the same direction. I hit the ladder with my left side, lost my hat, my glasses and my dignity as I rolled onto my back into the street. My husband came running and after a quick assessment he helped me up.

Any fall can jar me into an awareness of body parts that seem to work in obscurity. This fall is no exception. The truth is that spiritual falls can also jar me into an awareness of vulnerable areas of my life. One misstep can send me tumbling causing contusions of my emotions or my spirit.

The healing of my physical wounds calls for gentle TLC. Spiritual wounds calls for my loving and gentle Saviors' voice, speaking truth. His voice is gentle strong, and healing. Thanks Jesus for the TLC of Your voice. Thanks also for every little bit of TLC I can find for my body!
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