Tuesday, July 8, 2008


While I am on vacation this blog will be silent. Unless I get access to a computer and time to do more than delete emails my words will be written in a journal. Or, maybe I should challenge myself in an exercise in silence.

I need to be silent in order to listen and listening is an integral part of relationship. Refraining from expressing my own thoughts is not easy but also not impossible. It seems to me that all of us humans have a fear of losing those thoughts that are so important for a moment in time. If we don't speak out or write down our lists, ideas, opinions etc, we lose our chance. The moment passes and we wander around wondering what we forgot to say, do or buy.

The question is how important was the thought in the first place? Could it be expressed better at another time? Is there truth we can learn if we wait and listen before we speak?

My vacation will be a time of resting from my blog and listening to my own thoughts as I interact with new surroundings and people. Silence can be golden so I will mine a bit of wisdom while I vacation.
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