Friday, July 25, 2008


How does God want to be loved? Is strict obedience to His law the way He receives love from us? Or is there a way that brings us really close to God's heart, the essence of who He is: LOVE?

Love to me implies a relationship. Relationship is built on time, talk and truth. Learning to have relationship with God involves the Trinity:Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Taking time to be with someone is an act of love. It is not necessary to do anything. Love lets us "Be" with each other. God is I AM. He is with us always and present in our present.

Communication can be a deep well that satisfies and refreshes our relationships. Without the intimate conversations love cannot grow. God is THE WORD. He reveals Himself to us and draws us deeper into His heart of love by sharing precious promises, and truths with us.

Honesty is a strong foundation on which love is built. God is the way, THE TRUTH, and the life. Without His truth we would be lost in the trap of tthe Father of Lies. Gods' truth frees, cleanses, and restores.

God is LOVE. We, His children, are called to love. So, how does God want to be loved? I think He desires relationship. He wants us to take time to be with Him, talk to Him intimately, and open ourselves up to His truth (The only way He can be!)

God loves me, He chooses me, He pursues me, He rescues me, He washes me in His freeing truth. I love God, choosing him and pursuing Him. Lord, Help me love others the same. (Part of this list comes from the book "Black" by Ted Dekker. P.118-119)
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