Monday, June 30, 2008

Broken Pieces

I see broken pieces deep within myself. People close to me have said it can't be true but it is. I not only feel broken, but I am broken. I carry with me broken thoughts, broken emotions, broken health, and broken dreams. As I age, I find more and more that I am broken beyond repair.

This is not to say that I am finished and useless, but only states a fact that is true of how my life is. My broken thoughts, emotions, dreams and health are scars from my sin. I have often moved away from God and His goodness and walked the dangerous path where sin has cracked, bruised and crushed me. It has never been Gods' desire that I should be broken, but He does make my brokenness work to my greater good. You see, He has filled my Spirit with His Holy Spirit and His life. As my shell breaks, He is spilled out and I am renewed and set free to live in Him!

I know it is true that when I am weak He is strong! May I never wander far from His broken heart, the heart I broke when I wanted to do things my way! I want to be free in Him and be safe within the boundaries of His love!
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