Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Do you have a favorite color? Maybe you choose colors depending on your mood like I do. There are days that are bright and need a yellow top for my outfit, but then other days need my blue or green tops to match my serene or "Blue" mood. I guess it says alot about me that I don't wear black. Never seem to get that depressed!

I love colors! They speak to me about spiritual things, emotions and beauty. Without color my life would be dull. So, today I thank God for letting so many colors and shades and tints be available for me to see, wear, and enjoy.

I don't just mean the colors of the rainbow either. I delight in the various shades of skin colors. I am sometimes awed to see the spectrum of color in which we humans blossom. We are certainly a beautiful garden of color! Reds, yellows, whites, browns, golds, tans, and blacks and everything in between. Our skin, hair and eyes are a mini garden of color that blend with others who grow near us.

Even our personalities shine through with color images. We may be the power red, or the cheery yellow, or the melencholy blues or shrinking violets. All in all God must love color too.

There is beauty in us and around us. I want to allow the Creator of my colors to shine through all I am and do! So, do you have some favorite colors too?
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