Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Holding him in my arms was such a delight today! Seeing how he has grown and changed made me see the hand of our Creator God.

Scott was born prematurely and weighed only 3lbs.10 oz. at birth. Each time I see him I am amazed at how he has grown and changed. He should not yet be born yet and yet he is so perfectly formed. Yes, he is tiny and thin and needs lots of sleep and eats in small amounts, but he is growing his way toward a newborn normal!

My sons' son. What an amazing and delightful blessing that is! This tiny soul is part of me. I am blessed to be his "Grommers", someone to love him and enjoy his life! His hair is so soft, his tiny fingers and toes are so sweet and so amazingly small! his tiny face captures my heart and I watch intently the furrows of his brow or the crooked smile and peek-a-boo eyes. I could hold him for hors! His life! A life just begining to experience the world in all its joys and pains. I pray for him and his parents and for me!

May our Heavenly Father give Scott long life filled with blessings. May Scott know Jesus early and never grow tired of serving Him. May his parents and myself and all others who will influence him teach him wisely in the ways of the One who made Him and purposed for him to be born at this time.

Scott I hope you will always remember that Grommers loves you and Jesus loves you too!

For you who read this, may you find life a blessing and live it in abundance with Christ Jesus!
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