Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lifting up a friend

Sometimes it is so hard to find the right words for a friend who is down and needs some cheer. Do I share the good things that are happening to me or do I tell them my troubles? In my experience talking about myself rarely helps them. My woes mean nothing against their own heart aches. My smiles don't tear down the dark curtain surrounding them. So what do I do?

When I connect with God, even while they are speaking or crying, I find help. Gods' voice can comfort me when I see my loved one hurting and I have no power to change thier circumstances. His words give me wisdom as to when to be silent and when to speak. His tender mercies also can speak into their lives when a sure word comes to me for them. So why do I feel the need to tell my stories when they are hurting or need me to be their connection to the One who really has the answers for them?

Well, simply put, it is pride and selfishness. I want my life stories to be more important than theirs. Lord let me lay down my life before You. Let the importance of my life be in Your hands. Then help me to listen to my friend and listen to Your voice lead us closer to each other and to You. Near Your heart is the only place we need to be.Thank You for Your open arms, Your merciful heart and the place where our tears are collected and purified to make all work for our good because we love You.

May You, too, find comfort in The Perfect Friend, Jesus.
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