Friday, June 13, 2008


Rejection hurts, stings and can be seared into our memories for a very long time. There are times when a rejection happens unintentionally, but none the less it still hurts. Rejection seems to whisper a host of accusations to us that may or may not be true.

I usually hear that I am not good enough, and then it digs deeper to reinforce my long held fears of never being worth anything important. But, there are times that I turn my hurt around toward the person who has rejected my love, talents, or friendship. It is those times I am most hurt by rejection because it is then that I become the one who hurts. I may not be hurt by my words or actions towards them, but the thoughts that pour poison into my heart and harden it towards others becomes a spiritual hurt that weakens me. A hard heart is in danger of losing a godly perspective of the world and the people God so loved that He sent His only Son.

A hard heart is unforgiving, jealous, critical, prideful and judgmental. A hard heart builds up stone walls to keep out pain, but also becomes a prison that keeps me from experiencing God. Over time a hard heart becomes so entrenched that in order to soften it must be broken. Brokenness brings me to my knees and to the One who was broken for me!

The conclusion I come to is that I must go directly from rejection to my knees to hear His voice say, "If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first." John 15:18. He alone truly understands and can keep my heart filled with grace to forgive! In this way I can avoid the hardening of my heart.

Friends, may you never feel the heaviness of a hardened heart from rejection. May you know the freedom of a heart tender toward God and others.

Be blessed.
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