Monday, June 23, 2008

My Son a Daddy

When he was little he loved to play with dolls. He never played as if he were a Mom , but played the roll of a Daddy for his sisters dollys. He also played with cars and loved baseball. He has always been a tough and tender man.

There were friends and family members who thought it strange that I would let my son play with dolls, but I saw him practicing for the day he would become a Father. Being a Father is a tough balancing job. A man needs to be tender and gentle but also tough and strong. I am so proud to see my son filling the role of Daddy with sure hands and a certain heart.

I watch him care, protect, play, and provide for both his wife and son. He does not shirk from diaper changes or late night feedings. He wears his pride in his smile and offers words of comfort. All of these I saw many years ago as he played Daddy to the dolls his sisters owned. My son is a Daddy whose heart beats strong in the role. I love watching him be the man that God prepared him to be! I am proud of my son the Dad!

My prayer is that he will also step up into the role of a spiritual guide for his son. He may already have done so but I have not seen this side of his fathering. He already is an example for his son to follow. His prayers, teachings, and blessings will be a strength and guide as well.

My grandson is already blessed. He is rich in love.
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