Monday, June 16, 2008

Neighbors and friends

Eggs, milk, oil, spices and even tapioca are some of the things I have borrowed from my neighbor or she has borrowed or tried to borrow from me! We depend on one another for collecting mail when we are out of town and sometimes for minor sewing jobs. We are always certain we can count on the other to lift up prayers for our trials and struggles in life. Though Harriet is old enough to be my Mom, I consider her a friend, a really good dependable friend.

I have friends of all ages. Carol is a friend who is in between the Mom age and the older sister age. She is a great encouragement and source of wisdom as I follow her in the experiences life throws our way. Ginger is my age. We have many things in common, including the busy lives we lead that keep us from enjoying each others company as often as we would like. Then there is my "Baby" sister M.E. She has become an accountability partner and spiritual friend in a special and unique bond that we have. Then I claim my daughters, Erin and Briget and my daughter-in-law, Laura, as friends. Our friendship is new because it has changed from me being an authority in their lives to me being a friend to enjoy life with them. Finally, I am reaching out in friendship to my niece, Christyna. She is a young woman who is open to the friendship of an old lady who has stories to tell. Each of my friends are "neighbors" who come along side of me to live life together.

I love having friends of all ages. When I say friends, I really mean that it is a give and take relationship that we both desire and enjoy. I think we miss out when we keep our friendships limited to our own age group. It creates a wall that limits our perspectives and our ability to learn from the mistakes of others. If our true friendships only involve those who are walking in the same time zone as ourselves, it says that we never have to change.

Of course there is plenty that is offered through friendships that is not meant for me to change. That is when I need my friend Jesus to make the choices clear.But, what better way then to walk with a friend as I find it out?

Today, I am thanking God for being my friend and sending wisened and fresh view-pointed friends to make my life better and filled with the joy of living! Maybe you have a neighbor who would also make a good friend. all you can do is try! It is worth the effort!
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