Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Dad

Since tomorrow is Fathers' Day I thought I'd write about my Dad. I haven't written about him since he passed away 11 years ago. At that time I wrote a eulogy for him but I was unable to return for his funeral so I just sent it for the family to read.

It is always nice to think about someone you love, even if you miss them. I think that the sweet memories of my Dad help me to remember the blessing of having him in my life. No, he wasn't perfect. He failed me in many ways. But, then there were those special times that he poured a little bit into my life that remains a part of me.

He was an artist at heart. He and mom together brought color and visual delights into our home. Most were of the crafty sort that brought a homey "touch me " feel to the world of visual pleasures. Dad liked to draw, paint and build. My most precious memories involve his window and floor paintings. He told me once that he had brought home a string of old Christmas lights he had found in the dump near his childhood home so that he could decorate his Christmas tree. What sort of man does that if he is not an artist at heart?

Dad was also a teacher. I don't mean the school type of teacher but a teacher of practical and interesting tidbits. He taught me about cars, baseball, and puzzles. He would peruse the encyclopedia to find an article and then he would call us over to read to us. To this day I love to read to my family about the things I learn. Dad and mom taught all of us to love learning and that it is a lifelong adventure.

If I could talk to Dad again I don't think I would talk about the weather, though he loved to do that. I think I would prefer asking him questions about his life, his beliefs, his lost dreams and lost loves. I would want to listen to his voice and hear him again tell me to "Come home!"

I guess the things I loved the most about my Dad are the things I saw in him that are so like my Heavenly Father. He, too, is an artist who surprises me with sky paintings and earthy sculptures full of color and shape. God teaches me about so many things in the world and about people and especially about myself. And I know that someday My waiting Fathers will call me home to be with them.

Fathers' Day is a Day to celebrate the wise and good blessing of the Men who have made a difference in our lives. Whoever they may be, grandfathers, fathers, uncles or friends, they, and God deserve our thanks!

Thanks Daddy! Thank You, Lord!
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