Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good and Bad Choices

It is usually in hindsight that we can determine if our choices were good or bad. Ok, so some of our choices we know are bad from the start. With all the health info, could we ever believe that smoking, being a couch potato, indulging in too much sugar, or eating fatty foods loaded with cholestrol is a good choice for our bodies? Many of us take those chances and make the bad choice to indulge our selfish desires.

Selfishness is nearly always the motivation for making bad choices. We pretend that it won't harm us or we want to be part of a crowd and since it is fun for the moment we choose to take part in the activities that will send ripples of problems our way. The question is, how can we ever make good choices if we are so selfish in our nature? We are selfish. We think about what is the most fun or most comfortable thing to do in any given moment. The answer is to find someone stronger than ourselves to take over our choices. Is that where God comes in? Maybe. At first it is most likely our parents who choose for us. Then we enter a stage where we decide to choose for ourselves. It is only after we make a disaster of our lives that we turn to God and ask Him to help us in the choices we make.

Choice is not having total freedom. Choice will bring us to the bondage of trouble or to the boundaries of freedom.
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