Friday, June 27, 2008


Each morning I awaken to a day that will be filled with choices I seldom think much about. I choose what to eat, how to exercise my body and what tasks on my "to do" list will be done first. I make choices based on habit as much as a mindful decision like making the bed, brushing my teeth, reading my bible. Reading my bible is a habit? Whoa!

I guess bible reading is a good habit to acquire, but if the words also run through my mind in a habitual form, I surely am not building my relationship with my Heavenly Father, my friend and Savior Jesus, nor my wise guardian Holy Spirit. The best choice is for me to read with the intent to communicate with the One who speaks these words into being. Like St. Augustine said, The Word not only reveals God to me but also reveals who I am in His light. This choice is the only choice I know that brings true change in my life.

Because I believe this, I make a habit of not making a habit of my time with God. I spend time with Him in different places: my bedroom, my couch, my computer room. I use different mediums, the bible and other books, praise tapes and song, internet devotions, and radio and tv programs. Times are varied also: sometimes, late at night and other times in the mid part of my day. In all these ways I listen for His voice. He speaks to me of the truth for which I am searching.

My choice is deeper than the mechanics of my time with my Saving God. I choose to know Him and understand Him so I can fully trust and love Him in all the other choices of my life.
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