Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Vacation with the Grands

Today begins a summer of kids around the house all day long. Yikes! What will I accomplish with them running in and out and needing this or that? Probably less than I want or should.

So today I am fighting their dragging feet to get them moving and on some sort of schedule that I can work with. Maybe it is me who needs to be on a schedule!

So today I need patience with them and with my circumstances. I choose to be positive and believe we can start out on the right foot and at least begin this journey in step with each other!

This reminds me of how my Heavenly Father must want me to get in step with Him. Many days He sits patiently waiting for me to come to His side and walk in step with Him. Today I pray that His walk will be my first priority. Then I may get much more accomplished. Maybe my granddaugthers will come with me and they will get to know Him better.

Time to exercise my spirit in the Word and then exercise my body and generate some intrest in play time for the girls. For you, I hope you too have a day in step with your Creator. He waits patiently.

Blessings to you,
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