Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fire and Ice

Yes, it is HOT here in Florida right now. clouds, breezes, and even thunderstorms are welcome right now. Like I always say, now is our indoor time!

We spend most of our summer inside where we bask in the air conditioning like northerners huddle in their homes with cozy fires in the icy winter. We do feel lazy in the heat. We eat less and mostly keep things simple. Reading inspires or helps us imagine far away places in the hottest part of the day. Napping refreshes if you can find a cool place to rest. Nice if it could be quiet and restful all the time, but alas, we still have work to do.

Moving through the day's heat is exhausting. It reminds me of those times in my life that my soul is struggling and I long to find a quiet time alone for my spirit to be refreshed in God. He is the cool breeze and the refreshing spring of water. He is the inspiration and imagination of the future. God is enough for any time and any circumstance.

When I am hot or when I am cold He receives me. He refuses my lukewarm attitudes and like the perfect days that require no outside help, I need nothing to set me free from the temperature of my soul. He prefers me to be hot or cold.

Embrace me O God, cover me with Your wings and breathe on me! Set me on fire for You and soothe my weary heart with Your refreshing Spirit. May I never stay in my perfect world where passions are lost. Keep me in a place of needing You!
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