Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He Knows My Name

I've recently shared that I've been mistaken for friends. I don't like that much. It makes me feel invisible. I've always thought of myself as unique and different enough to stand out a bit in a crowd. But maybe I'm not as unique as I'd like to think.

Knowing that God knows my name and never mistakes me for someone else, makes me feel so loved, important, and to put it best, His treasure. to know that He is so awesome, powerful, and all knowing, and still considers me important enough to call me by name is enough for me to fall on my face to worship Him forever!

HE KNOWS MY NAME!! He knows me! He loves me and treasures me! He delights in my frail efforts to please Him.

Almighty God, I feel like a speck or a wisp of air compared to you, yet You search for me, find me, save me, and love me! You care about every detail of my life. I must consider that You deserve the same. I will seek You, and love You! I will search for every detail I can find about You and I will delight in knowing You. I will learn Your name and who You are. You are God.
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