Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The world is a strong magnet for my attentions. I don't want it to be, but it is. I truly desire God to be the strongest pull for my love and obedience and attention.

I am learning after many many failures and some victories that though the world and God both draw me to them, it is my choice of which to turn. In some ways that gives me power that I never thought I had. I have the power to turn away from god and His love and goodness. I also have power to turn away from evil and all of its enticements.

It all starts with my mind. What I fill my mind with will determine the direction I turn. If i fill my mind with the worlds thoughts, visions and desires I will turn to the world. If I fill my mind with God's word and His love and truth, I will turn to Him. If i can memorize the jingles on commercials and remember all the happenings on the latest shows, I can memorize scripture and learn about who God is.

The thought for the day is: I have no excuse!

God of Love, You have given me freedom and choice. You have set me free to love You or turn away without a care. You offer me everything that You are and have. I have no excuse! I cannot explain away my sin. I am able to learn from You and to put Your wisdom into my mind and heart. You have changed me and I give You all I have and all that I am today! I love You!
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