Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That is Not Me!

I have had a few interesting encounters with people lately that thought I was someone else. As I thought about it, I could understand some of the confusion. I have been mistaken for friends who have similar interests in teaching and writing, and also are fair complexioned with light hair.

Correcting the mistake is uncomfortable for both sides, but I really want people to know me so I gently tell them who they think I am. It is becoming old hat to me. I've always wanted to be seen as my own person, but even when I was young I was mistaken for one sister or another. Sometimes it was just that I was their sister, but with no other identity. It is a struggle to be in the shadows of someone, even if that person is special to you.

I suppose many people have had my same experience. There could be many ways in which we are hidden by others who seem to carry a spotlight. The hardest of all, though, is when others place us into a mold in which we have never fit. Those are times when I want to shout, "That is not me!"

Mistaken identity hurts can be healed by knowing my identity in Christ. He never mistakes my name, talents, gifts, or my appearance and character for anyone else. He knows me better than i know myself! Even more so, I can be secure in knowing that I belong to Him and am a part of Him. When I stand before God's throne I will want Him to see Jesus not me!

Father, You have seen me perfectly and know me intimately. You will never forget me or forsake me. You made me to be who I am and I can trust that You will never mistake my identity for someone else. I want Jesus to be seen in me whatever I do. Let Him be glorified above my own desires for being known. You alone are worthy to be glorified!
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